Ahh, ain’t they cute?


So, our new chicks came in this morning, as you can see. They’re about half Black Australorps (what we have now) and half Buff Orpingtons. Oh, and the mystery chick appears to be a Turken! Never had one of those before.

I put them in the same rigged up dog kennel that I used last time. Very fancy shit!


So, what your looking at there is a large dog kennel with some cardboard (from work) around the sides, with some shredded paper (from work) for bedding, and a garden trellis from Andrea’s herb garden strapped to one end with zip ties and a heat lamp clamped to it and reinforced with vice grips so it won’t fall. Hey, it works!

More fun than a barrel of monkeys!


On the anniversery of 9/11: Don’t be afraid.

Thirteen years ago today marks a point in United States history where we became a truly fearful nation. In fact, we lost our goddamn minds. We traded in the Constitution for the Patriot Act and we’ve been going downhill ever since.

So, in honor of the victims of 911, I will continue to live my life as I always have – a free man. I refuse to be played by my government, by the media, or by anyone who would have me cower in constant fear so that I may be sold a stupid idea, a stupid law, a stupid war, or an infringement on my liberties or the rights of any of my fellow citizens.

What I will do is fire up my grill with a copy of the Patriot Act (the NDAA will work also) and lay on some fresh meat that I raised myself. I will look out over my garden while waiting for my meal. I will enjoy a drink while hanging out with my dog. I will live and I will live well. I hope you’ll do the same.