Freedom isn’t for everyone…

Three rabbits escape from a testing lab and find an entire field full of carrots. They eat themselves into a stupor and sleep throughout the night. The next morning, they find an entire field full of female rabbits with no males in sight. They screw themselves into a stupor and sleep throughout the night. The next morning, the rabbits get to talking.

“I’m gonna go back to that field of carrots,” says one.

“I’m gonna go back to those cute little rabbits,” says the second.

“I’m going back to the lab,” says the third. “I’m dying for a cigarette.”


Book Recommendation: You and the Police by Boston T. Party

If you’re one of those poor souls who thinks we still live in a free nation and wants to remain asleep then this probably isn’t the book for you. This one is for the curious, the furious, and the practical freedom-lover that knows something is askew.  It’s an insight into how cops and the legal system lie, cheat, steal, and make criminals. It’s not an anti-cop book by any means, whether you think that’s good or bad. The author merely lays out facts and presents a few solutions along the way, all of which are legal. After reading it you might come to the view that we may as well dispense with any notion that there actually is a 4th Amendment. Like most rights, that the State pretends you got from them, it has been hollowed out and held up as another symbol for a freedom that’s long gone. As the author states: “We are merely the healthiest patient in the cancer ward, that is all!”

So, check it out! If nothing else, you’ll learn the legal definition of the word “curtilage.”


Still here!

We’re still here, alive and kicking! Well, maybe not always “kicking,” but we’re making it. Turns out I’m a lousy blogger, but for some reason I felt the urge today to give it another shot.

Where to start. Well, sometime last year, I think it was, we lost Charlie, one of our cats, probably to a coyote. We had to put Ellie, another cat, down because she was dying from old age. That left Oscar and he got snake-bit a couple of times on a leg which swelled up like a balloon. I drained the wound for several days as well as treated for infection. He eventually got better but the leg never got right and it turns out the joint is blown out and he basically just uses it as a stabilizer. Well, he’s old and we didn’t want him to be all by his lonesome so Andrea went out and got a couple of kittens. They wreaked havoc in the house until they got some age on them and then the went outdoors.


That’s Gypsy there on the left and Roma on the right. Roma is no longer with us. She was a character and I had a soft spot for her, but she was fearless and not nearly as cautious as she should have been. I suspect she wandered too far out in the yard without a good escape plan and a coyote wandered by. I miss the little shit…


So, now we’re on the look out for another one, since Oscar may not have many years left in him and Gypsy is super affectionate and gets lonely pretty easy.

Sometime around December of last year we got another dog. Long story short, she was about to be put in a shelter where she might have been put down. I looked at her and thought she might work out for us. I noticed some problems, but I didn’t realize all the problems until we had her for awhile. She was a mess when we got her. Sweet as can be, but a mess. She had an ear infections, a bladder infection, possible allergies, OCD problems with licking and scratching which likely stemmed from infections, etc. So, we’ve worked on all these issues and she’s doing much better now. Once we began to get a handle on some of her problems she came out of her shell, took ownership of the place, and turned out to be a pretty good guard dog, which is funny because the guy that had her complained that she wasn’t “mean” enough to guard his chickens and never barked. She just felt like shit. Here she is. Her name is Jolene:


Oh yeah, sometime after we got her, Boudin jumped out of the truck while going to check the mail (I was going very slow, folks) and he broke his pelvis. He’s pretty gangly so I’ve always been worried about him breaking something. Needless to say, I felt like shit about it, and still do, but after a very long rehabilitation, he’s back to his old self. He’s got bone fragments floating free back there and there’s a chance it could cause problems down the road, but for now, he’s running and chasing squirrels and that makes us all very happy. Here’s the gang when Roma was still around. Seriously, I don’t know if she knew she was a cat.


We bought some new hanging cages for our rabbits a couple of weeks ago, but I don’t have a photo to share right now. They have more space but there’s fewer compartments, so I can only keep four breeders right now. One lucky buck has a whole bird coop to himself at the moment until I work it all out. I was about to throw the old cages away because they’re in really bad shape, mostly the bottom, but then it kind of dawned on me that I could probably very easily turn that thing into a rabbit tractor for the young ones. When I get time, I try to make some modifications to it and give it try. Maybe that could be a post for later.

Ducks. We’ve’ got too many of them right now because the reproduce really well, I like ducklings, and I’ve been too busy to slaughter or it’s just been too hot for me to want to do it. Now that it’s cooling down just a tad, I’ll have to get on that and get some meat in the freezer. By the way, these Muscovy ducks are delicious and I highly recommend them. If you don’t like regular duck then you might like these. The meat is dark and lean and there’s not the greasiness that you get with other ducks. Personally, I like them both, but I’m a pretty good eater.

Here’s some photos of the ducks. These photos are a little old and we’ve got even more now. Hell, I lost count so some might have actually flown off, but I don’t think so. Some do wander occasionally, but they usually come right back.




Let’s see, what else? Oh, I grew some different varieties of ginger and turmeric this year and so far they’re doing okay. No reason to expect them not too, the real problem is having a long enough season for them to fully develop mature roots. These guys are bunched in way too close to each other, but it was one of those things where I didn’t plan well and ran out of garden space so I did the best I could. If we lived in the tropics these would be ready to harvest around January, but the leaves of these will die off well before that so I’ll have to see how well we did when that happens. I’ve actually got older turmeric plants growing around the house and they come back every year so it’s not the first try at this, but I wanted see how much there would actually be to harvest outside, you know, without a greenhouse. Oh yeah, there’s a fence we put up around the garden space, but I still haven’t gotten around to putting a real gate on it yet. You know how it is, everything slows down when the heat and humidity kicks in.


Well, that’s enough for now. Hope all is well where you are!



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