To our customers: Thanks!

We appreciate your business!
We thought you might like to have a little better idea where your eggs came from.
The Chickens: Our current flock is composed of Black Australorps, Buff Orpingtons, and one Turken.
The Housing: The chickens spend most of their time in coop, but are let out and free to roam whenever we’re home to keep an eye on them. For this reason, there’s always a chance of losing some to predators, but it allows them to do “chicken stuff” and be happy.
 In the future, we might decide to move some into “chicken tractors,” which are basically moveable coops that allow the chickens to have access to grass and insects with a little more security.
The Feed: We buy our feed at O’Keefe Feed & Seed, a local store, and currently use a 16% organic layer feed from Nature’s Grown Organics. A detailed list of the ingredients may be found here.
The Availability: Because ours is a small flock, 13 hens, we can only provide so many eggs. Add to that the occasional molting, broodiness, and seasonal daylight variation and it can become difficult to always keep the eggs coming consistently – in fact, we can’t. However, we hope that you”ll enjoy them while they are available and if there’s enough interest then we might consider expanding the flock next year. Thanks for buying!
Chad & Andrea